Export introduction

There are two types of exports:

  1. Object list, which is suitable for display in an iframe
  2. Data export, which must be processed to suit your needs

You can read more about the respective type of export below.


This will render a complete html document where your objects will be displayed as either a list or on a map (user interactive).

Url for example obejct list: https://export.objektvision.se/Objektlista/81FfxqFoaxY1

You can obtain the url for your object list under Inställningar in Objektvision portal.


To embed this in to your page you can use this snippet that includes loading a script to help resize the iframe correctly to match the content.

<iframe id="objektvision-objektlista" src="https://export.objektvision.se/Objektlista/81FfxqFoaxY1"></iframe>
    #objektvision-objektlista {
        border: none;
        width: 100%;
<script src="https://export.objektvision.se/dist/iframeResizer.min.js"></script>
    iFrameResize({ }, '#objektvision-objektlista');

Url parameters

The following parameters can be supplied to the url above to override the default settings for the list. Note that these are case sensitive.

Url parameter Data type Default value Description
openSameWindow boolean False Controls the target attribute of links to objects on objektvision.se
fontFamily string Lato Controls the font-family css property for the list
textColor string #000000 Controls the text color css property for the list (use hex color code without #)
accentColor string #a4c5c5 Controls the accent color css property (hover and active) for the list filter (use hex color code without #)
pageSize int32 40 Controls the default page size for the list
showSubType boolean True Show or hide the sub type category of the object
showDescription boolean True Show or hide the description of the object
showSize boolean True Show or hide the size of the object
showPrice boolean True Show or hide the price of the object
showMap boolean True Show or hide the map above the list
showBranding boolean True Show or hide agent brandings on objects in the list
showSubAreas boolean False Show or hide filtering for sub areas list (only available when having more than 1 area)
headingLevel int32 2 Controls the heading level (<hX>) for the heading on each item in the list
viewMode string List Sets the default view mode for the list. Avaliable values: List, Grid


This type of export produces xml or json data. Swagger doc is found here.

Url for example xml: https://export.objektvision.se/xml/81FfxqFoaxY1

ASP.NET Core example export client can be found on GitHub downloaded here.

Url for example json: https://export.objektvision.se/json/81FfxqFoaxY1

TypeScript example export client can be found on GitHub downloaded here.

You can obtain your json/xml url under Inställningar in Objektvision portal.

Image scaling

Images can be scaled by adding scaling parameters to the image url recived. The parameter hm controls height in pixels and wm controls width in pixels. If both params are used the most restrictive will take precedence and aspect ratio is maintained. Example query with scaling by width: ....jpg.scale?wm=200


Sorting requires a value to sort by(on) and if a descending order is desired also direction(od).
Example query for sorting by publishing date descending: ...?on=PublishDate&od=-1

All values to sort by:
Municipality, Package, Random, PublishDate, ValidatedAddress, StreetName, StreetNumber, AreaName, LivingArea, Rent, SubTypeString, ViewCount, Price, County, LotArea, Turnover, TypeName, Id, Score, AreaTypeDependent, Created, StopDate, Updated, Distance, DefaultSortDate, DefaultSortGroup, PackageAll, Ranking


Filtering is possible by main type(t).
Example query for filtering by available premise: ...?t=8

All main types:
8 (available premise) 10 (property for sale) 11 (company for sale) 90 (land)

Data types

Data type
Possible values

Premise, Property, CommercialPlot, Company
Premise: Shop, Industry, Storage, Office, OfficeHotel, Restaurant, HealthCare, Other Property: Residence, Office, Shop, Industry, Storage, Hotel, Social, Other Company: Shop, Construction, Hotel, Restaurant, Manufacturing, Service, Ecommerce, HealthCare, Transportation, Other CommercialPlot: Industry, Service, Storage, SolarCellPark, Other
Sale, TenancyRights, SubTenancyRights, None